Wish: Double click to edit inside groups

I would like to being able to edit things inside group by double click on it like it happens in Illustrator or DTP software and similar to linked blocks.
Would be good also to have a visual effect showing that the geometry are grouped and not joined. Many students doesn’t understand the difference and this drive them in to big trouble.

@Gijs do you think it makes sense?

Example: when I have many object grouped together (a table with chair) but I need to give slightly movement to each of them I have to un group them do the changes and then group them again but I’ve the risk of including other unwanted geometry.

@skysurfer in Rhino 8 you should be able to select objects in a group with subobject selection holding ctrl shift. Does this help?

This makes a lot of sense.
Still for some users could be nice to have double click groups editing and group special visualization.