Another subdivision except layers and groups - possible?

I am now going a bit crazy trying to organize my thesis project. Basically, its a myriad of shapes (say 8 shapes) in 4 levels. I made blocks of each of the 8 units so every change would be reflected but as I want it to be in the right layers for materials (wall, glass, roof etc), I have no idea how I can easily select all the units that are on 1st floor, 2nd floor etc etc.

In illustrator it is quite nice as you can group something, then double click to edit just inside the group but in rhino, if I group something, it I have to break the group to make any changes except the rotations and scale, move etc.

In illustrator then I exported each floor and gave it colors so it is easy to access then by “select stroke/fill color” but as they are blocks, they are not affected by the color changes.

Anyone know a good system to organize things in this sense? One way would be to go to frontview and draw the box but then I would have problem with anything overlining the two levels, such as stairs. These I can of course lock but thats not so smooth.

Ctrl+Shift+Select will select objects inside a group - which you can then edit - without having to remove them from the group or destroy the group and without affecting other objects in the group.

Blocks are a different story, as they are not real geometry, and the original parts can reside on different layers, that is harder to deal with.


Your suggestion is very useful, I will write the command on my desk physically so I will integrate it. Thank you so much!