Wish - Highlight objects when selecting layer

Often, I’d like to left=click on a layer name in the Layer panel, and see which objects are on that layer. Currently this requires right-clicking and navigating the contextr menu and then left-clicking to select them. Couldn’t this be done in one operation instead of 3?

Once selected, there could be a way to drag them to a new layer from the layers panel. Perhaps once you’ve selected them, a graphic could appear on the layer for you to pick and drag and drop to a new layer.


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Hi Sach - yep - an old and good request…
RH-39104 Highlight selected object layers


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Sach Chauhan

yup that would help immensely.

also the other way around would be just if not even more helpful if an object is selected that the layer highlights, it is somehow solved in the properties, but then trying to find that layer in layers is often a real pain specifically getting plans from big projects can be devastating.

Interesting functionality in this area would be implementing selections via layer panels as originally mentioned, but it could go a step further:

Cltr+LMB on a layer - select layer objects
Ctrl+Shift+LMB on a layer -select layer objects (add to current selection)
Ctrl+Alt+LMB - substract layer objects from current selection

(the above follows Photoshop layer-clicking and selection functionality, which is quite handy and AFAIK would not create any conflicts with how Rhino currently works)

my 2c


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