Wish: indicate layers of selected objects

Just chatted with Clixyz and he brought up an old wish:

When we select one or more objects it would be great to have some kind of visual indication on the layers in the Layer Panel. When working on large files (at least when made by others).

Illustrator does this nicely by adding a circle around the “select objects on layer icon”.
Rhino could use a yellow triangle in a corner, or a box around the layer color icon, or a new indication all together.

i would also love that.

Hi Holo, this will save you lot’s of frustration…

and once the layers are highlighted, you can select by-layer with a right-click and gather up all the related objects if needed.

Nice! Selecting the layers goes a long way.

Could you add a SelectObjectLayer command for that?

I would still like for this to be a dynamic visual process baked into the gui. Highlighting the layers and selecting the layers are not exactly the same thing. Highlighting is good for the user to see where the object belongs without going to the properties dialog and also good to see what layer the object represent if one want’s to quickly turn off a layer that has those kinds of objects on it.

I think a small icon in front of the layer name could be best. Gray dot for objects on layer, yellow dot if one of those objects are selected and no dot (white) if layer is empty. With the option to click on the dot to quickly select all the objects on the layer.


I second this request.

My sentiments exactly

That would be really useful !

“Select object layer” is really useful (because the lack of any other solution) but will be highly and often needed when the layers and sub layers become a complex structure…it requires that the way to handle finding layers (by object and by name) to be a lot more accessible.
A lot of help would be AND to have and a SEARCH option to find by name.
In fact if you observe in Properties-Object Tab you will see that when a object is selected the appropriate layer is selected too, if you will try to select another layer from that tab to work on it will be unusefull (it will move the object to the new selected layer).If you try to search by first letter on keyboard form Layers on Properties-Object Tab it will work…but not on stand alone Layer Tab… well that’s injustice!! :)))

Is there any news from the “SelectObjectLayer” as a command?
I spend half of my working-time in searching the right layer, where my part is on.
The command within the layer-panel is allways a lot of hassle to click on, …

Hi - this feature request is still open and on the Future list.
I’ve added your vote to item RH-39104.

Hi Wim,
To have this as a command which can be assigned a shortcut would be amazing. Can you please put me on the list to have this as a feature request?
I have big rhino files (1.5gb) which have 10s of thousands of curves which clutter the wireframe view. I always need to isolate or work in a separate file and copy over. The select object layer>isolate is my normal workaround.

Hi Jeremy -

That’s done now!