Feature Request: Quick Layer Selection Button in Object Properties Panel

Hello Rhino Community and Developers,

I’d like to propose an enhancement to the Rhino user interface that could significantly streamline the modeling and rendering workflow. My suggestion is to add a “Quick Layer Selection” button within the Object Properties Panel.


Currently, to select the layer an object resides on, users have to inspect the object properties and then manually find and select the layer in the Layers Panel. This process can be a bit time-consuming, especially when working with complex models that have many layers.

The proposed button would allow users to instantly select and highlight the layer of the currently selected object in the Layers Panel. This would not only speed up the workflow but also minimize the effort to manage and navigate through layers during the design process.

I’ve created a mock-up image to illustrate this concept (please see the attached image).


The idea is to have a button (or a similar UI element) next to the object’s layer information in the Object Properties Panel that, when clicked, would take you directly to the corresponding layer in the Layers Panel.

Time ago proposed: [Feature] Alt + Layer selection will “Select Objects”

I believe this small tweak to the UI could save a significant amount of time and clicks for Rhino users. I’m interested to hear what others think about this idea and whether it’s something that could be implemented in a future Rhino update.

Thank you for considering this suggestion, and I look forward to the community’s feedback!

Hi Alan - this is covered, I think in the Layer panel itself

and the HighlightObjectLayers command in V8.


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You are so fast!

There is a very useful script for Rhino 7 that does exactly that. I also add another script related to selected objects and layers.

Highlight layers:
HighlightLayers.py (683 Bytes)

Select all objects in same layers:
SelectAllObjsOnObjLayers.py (253 Bytes)

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