Wish Hatch to behave as curve on more areas

Hi, @pascal and @wim, I it would be awesome if Hatch could inherit a few more features from curve.

The new combined degree style for curves in V7 is fabulous, could hatch have this as well so we can turn on control points and edit it like it is a combinations of straight lines (degree 1) and curves (degree 3)?

And I would also love if we could insert kinks in the hatch ‘curves’.


As a workaround you can turn on history when you hatch. Then edit the curve instead of the hatch.
Btw. when moving hatch and curve together, no history break will occur anymore.

Hei Jørgen -

Now on the list as RH-67906.

Added as RH-67907.

Note that, in Rhino 8, you can now turn on the boundary of the hatch and also combine a backfill with a pattern. The following is then a single object:



RH-67906 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Awesome, thanks! Any chance this will make it into v7, or is it V8 only?

God Påske, Jørgen -

We will still fix crash bugs in Rhino 7, but enhancements like these are only available in Rhino 8.

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