HATCH wishes: Simplify + lower tolerance

Hi guys, working with hatches is becoming better and better all the time, so thansk for that!
(I tag @pascal and @wim here since you are the wish masters :wink: )

I wish for:
- SimplifyHatch a command that works JUST like SimplifyCrv, so we can remove controlpoints we don’t need.
- InsertKink to work for hatches too.
- Low tolerance an override tolerance feature where we can get a hatch from the “curve boolean” preview when we use the Boundry option on complex curve inputs. Hatch fails way to often on complex data because of overlapping stuff etc, but hatches are never used for modelling, only for visual purposes, so if the tolerance is low then that is SO much better than not getting a hatch. And it is really annoying to get a nice preview only for the command to fail when a real hatch is calculated. IMO hatch should never fail as long as the input yields a closed area.

Please please, pretty please :slight_smile:


Hi Jorgen – I guess the first two can be ‘handled’ for now using History when you create the hatch, correct?


Partly, but this isn’t about workarounds. I presume I can make my own rebuilder too, I just think it would be benefiting for all for hatches to evolve even further.

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Yep, understood, those were shot-term suggestions, I will get these on the pile.

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Please see if you can make simplify work on hatch boundaries too. It would be a great help when working on drawings.

Also since trim works so great, please see if split could be added, I imagine this as a dual trim as hatches can be in 3D.

Edit: I also wish for hatches to work like the improved curve drawing where polycurves parts are are shown as their correct degree. Now when we turn on controlpoints for hatches they are shown as old Rhino curves, where all parts have the same degree as the highest degree part.