Wish: change hatch pattern with history on


as the title reads, it would be very,very helpful if we could change the pattern type after completing the initial hatch command with history on.

It makes sense to make the hatch stick to the curve, but I do not see any reason for the pattern to remain frozen.

since we can’t add any points to a hatch(yet) right now it requires a lot of manual “re-hatching”

thank you,

Hi Daniel - if I make a Hatch, with History, I can change the hatch pattern (scale or angle) or change to a different pattern and not break the history - editing the curve edits the new pattern… so I guess I am not picking up what it is you want to do.


Hi Pascal,

Hmm running sr13 here…
I’ll let the moving image speak:

(video was too big to attach)

Have you tried waiting couple of seconds for hatch to update?

yes I did, doesn’t help :confused:

even stranger:

when history is turned OFF and I select the hatch(that was created with history), and try to change it (clicking on another pattern) history turns itself back on (status bar icon lights up) and remains like that when continuing with work.


Hi Daniel - thanks, I see - that does not happen here. Can you please try starting Rhino in SafeMode and see if that makes any difference?



Hi Pascal,

just tried, doesn’t help i am afraid.


Darn… how weird. Here there is a moments delay when switching patterns but it does happen fairly quickly. I’ll see what I can find out.
@dk2079 Got it- Lock Children is set, I bet…


voilà.good one, thnx!

wasn’t aware of that behavior, makes sense although for a hatch,not sure but leaving the properties editable might be helpful.

btw. what I still don’t quite understand is why history turns on in the statusbar when selecting&editing the hatch. I think it is a bug, as that does not happen with other objects created with history when history is turned off.


It does that here too, it does seem buggy. I agree that editing the propoerties of the hatch should be allowed since it does not interfere with History. You can change the color for example, with history locking on.

Two bugs.



RH-34951 is fixed in the latest Rhino WIP for Windows