Wish - GumballCopyMode

New command: GumballCopyMode=Yes, No, Toggle… When active, everything done with Gumball makes a copy, in order to avoid the confusing and annoying two handed maneuvers with alt/ctrl keys to copy, scale or rotate an object with a specific distance/angle. Should be able to be activated even after having already clicked the arrow or rotate handle and have the distance box on-screen. Even better might be a heads-up thing on the screen next to the number entry box to click if you want a copy… Should also work for subobjects.


Hi Mitch - just thinking about this in the On state, I can imagine it would very commonly/easily lead to extra copies being made by mistake. Seems like something like this should be a one-shot only- just a better. more positive way to activate Alt, in short… The unreliability of Alt is really the problem, right?


Alt unreliability is only one part of the problem, and I’m not even considering that aspect here. Currently, if I want to make a copy of an object at a precise distance of X with the gumball, how do I have to do it?

Select the object, then holding down the LMB, start to drag it with an arrow, tap Alt, hope that the plus sign comes up, then try to type a number on the keyboard with the left hand - the number pad is on the right of the keyboard, so I have to hunt and peck the upper row of number keys, then hit enter, also with the left hand.

Your idea of a one shot mode is perhaps a good one, I just want to be able to toggle a gumball copy mode so I don’t have to do all of the above; instead just click on an arrow, type a number in the box and enter like usual, but it makes a copy. Like clicking Copy=Yes in a normal command.

Thx, --Mitch

Hold down TAB and click the arrow for direction; the input field appears,
let go of everything and just type the value to move (negative for opposite direction); hit enter.


Alt + LMB click on the Gumball arrow works very well for copying objects numerically.

Hmm, that doesn’t seem to work here, the input field flashes but doesn’t stay on screen…


I somehow had it in my mind that this wouldn’t work from a long time ago, but now I see it does very well, so thanks! New trick for an old cat that will solve most of my problems…


Sorry typo, my bad… TAB should be ALT, just like Violine stated.