Duplicate using Gumball +Alt Key Not Working

Hi, I tried to make duplicate of an object using Gumball +Alt Key but it did not work.
I am using Rhino7 on Windows10.

Please advise how can I make it work. Tqvm.

Hi @thkiat
Could you be a bit more specific? What isn’t working? You don’t get the + after clicking Alt or there’s no copy afterwards? Also run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and post the result here.
HTH, Jakob

You can’t actually copy an object in place with Alt+Gumball - you actually have to drag it somewhere while the alt key is pressed or alt+click on an arrow and enter a non-zero value… To duplicate an object in place use the Rhino command Copy>InPlace.

Tqvm :slight_smile:

i posted the same “issue” i think for cinsistency even 0 value should result in basically copy in place. i see no reaaon why all numbers should work except 0