Wish: Group - relocate Gumball to stay relocated


If I relocate the Gumball on a group it reverts back to its previous position if I click off the group and then back on. I would like it to stay relocated.

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Hi Ethan- with multiple objects in the selection, this does not and in V5 will not work. Single top level objects do retain their Gumball settings however- I believe in SR6 these are saved in the file as well.



Is there a way to select only a top level object while it is still in a group and use its gumball to rotate the entire group?

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Hi Ethan- not that I know of. A possible workaround is to Block the group, even temporarily.



Thanks for the reply.
It appears that you can create a group, then a block from that group and then relocate the gumball of the Block. The moved block gumball will stay moved if you click off the block and then back on. But the block gumball will go back to its original position if you save and then reopen the file. As you suggested, it does work but it’s a PITA.

I hope they fix this shortcoming. It seems to me, other than easier selection, transforming the group as one is the main reason for creating the group in the first place. Perhaps creating a group could automatically include an invisible reference object whose gumball can be relocated and saved.

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Hi Ethan - in SR6, single top level objects, like block instances, will retain their gumball settings through a save/close/reopen.



Hi Pascal,
Now that I have rhino 6 the Gumball behaves the same as in Rhino 5 after relocation(To a group of objects) it does not remember the last location and returns to it default location.
Am I missing something?
Thank You
Solomon Emquies

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Hi Solomon - you are not missing anything - that is how it is.



Thank You

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