Bug: Relocate Gumball constantly reset when objects are Grouped

On individual objects, the Relocate Gumball function is “sticky” as expected - deselecting the object and then reselecting it does not reset the new Gumball location. However when objects are Grouped, then the location is constantly reset back to default simply by unselecting the Group. Behavior here:

Hello - Gumball cannot remember its position for multiple selections. This limitation always been there and is not currently fixable, as I understand it.


Ah ok. FWIW if you define a Block instead of a Group it works as hoped/expected.

Yep, that is the workaround - - that block instance is a single object as far as selection is concerned.


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This is a really handy alias; for instance, when you select multiple curves, change the gumball location, then realize you need to remove a curve from the selection and it resets the gumball. I use GB as the alias and quickly relocate.

'_GumballRelocate _Pause _Enter