WISH: GH switch off seams in shaded mode

Hi @DavidRutten
Is there any way of switching off brep seams in shaded mode?

Just trying out Raytraced viewport in R6 and those seams are a bit “annoying”

Nope. It’s either all on or all off at the moment. Are you upset that they are there at all, or that they are ‘x-ray’ like wire?

This is what I’d like to get. I can achieve this by having “Draw shaded geometry” ON than going to Raytraced viewport and while it’s in Rayetraced clicking “Don’t draw any preview geometry”

I guess we’ll need to look into how previews and render meshes interoperate with display modes in Rhino6 again. Stuff has changed a bit since this was last touched. I’m not sure if this will happen for GH1 though, if it involves a significant amount of new interface code, probably not.