No grasshopper preview in rendered mode (viewport style)

I was wondering why grasshopper doesn’t preview geometry in the viewport when choosing rendered mode in Rhino6? In Rhino 5 it was working properly.

You must use a preview component

thx laurent,

but curves don’t preview even with a preview component.
also the preview components from human plug in don’t work in rendered mode. (custom preview lineweigths & custom preview materials)

That is quite unpleasant because i was using this combination all the time in Rhino 5.

This has been discussed and maybe if there’s a lot of consumer complaints, it could be fixed. Who knows?:wink:

Thx Kim,

got a better understanding of the problem now! Hope there will be a solution soon…

Just got back from London where I met with a bunch of other McNeel developers. I think we have a solution that, although it goes somewhat counter to the idea behind rendered viewport modes, is probably the best one.

Basically, whenever a viewport is considered render-like, only the Custom Display will hide itself in favour of custom render meshes. All other components will keep drawing previews. This means there can be a marked difference between what is visible in a Rendered viewport and a Raytraced viewport or Render window, but it seems to be closer to what users want. I haven’t really looked at the code yet to see how hard it will be to separate out custom preview components from the rest (it’s Sunday, and I came back with a vicious cold), but I can’t imagine it’ll require an overhaul of the basic framework.

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Sounds like a good solution to me.

Get well soon!