Wish function of SubD of Rhino 7

Do the rhino 7 have the function like tspline, line to subd? Thanks?

Not currently. I’ve created an issue in our bug tracking system to investigate your request.


Thank you for the input and for testing the new SubD tool.

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Would something like this help?

@DanielPiker can tell you more…


If you mean thickening the lines into a solid, a bit like tsPipe, then as Bob says, this might help:

If instead you mean taking a set of lines that form closed polygons and turning each polygon into a mesh face, then the ‘Mesh From Lines’ component in Weaverbird from @piac might be what you need.


I just want to mention that _MeshFromLines is now an official Rhino command, already usable in Rhino 6, from SR0 (some enhancements came with SR4 I think).


Please Bob, … can I ask you how do you achieve that sequence?
What are the necessary steps or plugins that you used?
( or see the file Rhino)

If you mean the sequence of the skeleton to solid kangaroo, follow the link in my post just below it.

Wow. When???

As Daniel mentioned… see above.

Thank you !

Thanks SubD present.

Happy new year^^~