ADD pipe organic similar T-Spline for Rhino 7 #SubD

please ADD pipe organic similar tspline for Rhino7 #SubD
for rhnio and grasshopper
now the pipe Command in Rhino 7 SubD only created pipe Separately and unjoint that not organic and cannot control segments or multi radius …


Excellent yes, right

Yes, please do this

This has been discussed recently in the fattener tool in Grasshopper, here:

We have been trying to do more with that tool, but currently we are a bit limited by it.

@DanielPiker is/was working on that. And @tomfinnigan (Ex-TSplines developer) provided some feedback on the topic.

Any more feedback you have on a silver for those intersections and what works/doesn’t in Fattener vs. TsPipe will be useful.

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Yes we know what grasshopper means but we want to add this feature to rhino7 software

We know this can be done in Grasshopper code{fattener+weaverbird}, but we need it to happen inside the rhino software and the SubD part.

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Of course, like most things so Rhino SubD can have full-functionality. I was just pointing out the effort in this space from a geometric solver POV, regardless of being in Rhino or Grasshopper.

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This is something that has been discussed a bunch as Gustavo mentioned when using GH but we’re also hoping to make it a regular Rhino command. A related request is filed as for the creation of Y branch subd primitives.

In the meantime, I found this presently awesome workflow which you can try too using the free Dendro add-on for GH Dendro | Food4Rhino (Windows only) in conjunction with the v7 WIP.


thanks! but nothings in this link

Some reports on YT are not public. I didn’t actually file that one and am not sure if it could be made public… probably could though, and I’ll check. If you can’t directly see any report, it’s the number (RH-54049) that you can use to quickly ask about status later if you’re curious.

hi i found new case for Rhino7
subdivide face only work in mesh and don’t work for subd

Sub-object subdivision support for subd is on the list and in progress as RH-51194, it’s an internal report currently. Thanks!

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SubDThickenCurves added- update your wip and toolbarreset to get the button!