Need help with the ToNurbs tool


I was informed by a memeber from this forum about the ToSubD command hidden in Rhino 6 and so far I have been loving it. But there is just one tricky thing regarding the tool: it generates too many meshs and nurbs surfaces! And would dramatically slow down or even crash the program.

This problem also applies to weaverbird, especially when the shape becomes somewhat complicated. I just feel there has to be a way to reduce the needed amount of mesh when it comes to subd, or a way to merge all the Nurbs surfaces once the transformation is completed.

There is not yet a way to do so. It might be in v7 but this isn’t sure. But it is already on the list of requests. How many surfaces are you taking about?

like around 14072 nurb surfaces…tbh I never thought it’d be this many tho

Yes that’s indeed many. Isn’t there a way you could reduce your subd face count to start with? Less faces means also easier to manipulate subds.

There are a lot of situations where weaverbird creates dense meshes in order to simulate what SubD can do with a whole lot less faces.

You’d have to upload an example for me to be sure of what to advise you to do, but as broadly as possible: avoid the smoothen and subD components in your weaverbird definition. Create the rough mesh, bake it and then use ToSubD and you’ll get something that looks a whole lot like a weaverbird definition that ended with the catmull clark component, but much more editable in Rhino. Same basic idea works great with the Fatten component too.