Wish: Fullscreen / Presentation mode

It would be great to add an option to the full screen command where really only the contend of the vievport is displayed on the hole screen. Meaning no viewport name and no windows task bar below. That could be beneficial for interactive installations via grasshopper but also for presenting 3d models in rhino…


Easy enough to hide the windows task bar. Right-click it, properties, and tick the auto-hide setting.

Dunno about the viewport name.

not much help regarding the forum category but rhino on mac is sweet for full screen presentations…

(full screen capture… scaled down smaller for posting here)

There is a _Fullscreen command in Rhino, you can also use the _-Fullscreen version (with dash) to see more options of elements to keep visible.
As for the viewport titles, their visibility can be toggled in Options->Apperance->Show the following items:



Thank you for the hints guys. (I wasn’t aware of the Options->Appearance->Show the following items)

But even following all - still there is a bar below with the viewport titles visible. Plus its not very comfortable to change so many options to get there.

I would still vote for a new or improved _Fullscreen command where you can set a complete fullscreen with with one line.

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Hi Christian,

How about a Macro like this:

-_ViewPortTabs _Hide _EnterEnd _-Fullscreen _ShowLayer=_No _ShowCommand=_No _ShowProperties=_No _ShowMenu=_No _ShowTitle=_No _ShowFloating=_No _EnterEnd

Note this will permanently hide the vieport tabs. You may need a separate macro to restore them if you are using them.


Thank you Jarek, i wasn’t either aware of the _Viewporttabs command.

So yes there is a way to get rid of everything - cool!