Macro for "real" fullscreen mode

I was wondering if its possible to access the rhino settings and toolbar layout with marcros as well? Im looking for a macro which hides viewport tiles and the standard toolbar in order to see only the viewport itself when its executed.

Hello - you can use

! _-Options _Appearance _Visibility ...

to set a lot of this.

Interesting! I Would like to toggle Options > Appearance > Viewport Titels for example.

Is there a reference about the syntax of macros? What about the toolbar layouts are they accessible by marcos at all?

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There is the Help topic here; as well as this Wiki page…

Some basic functionality is available - for example you can toggle the visibility of certain toolbars. What do you want to do?

thank you!

In fullscreen mode in Rhino 6 standard toolbars are still visible (horizontal ones); I would like to hide them by a macro command.

Yep, that’s a major screwup with V6 that apparently will not get fixed at all until V7.

If you are working with the default workspace (default.rui) and you add this as a keyboard alias or keyboard shortcut, it should work to toggle the top standard toolbar group when you type the alias or hit the shortcut key:

-_Toolbar _Group "Default" _Toggle "Standard Toolbar Group" !

If you have renamed your workspace, substitute its name for “Default” in the macro.


Thank you again that works for me:

Last thing I dont manage to do is:

To hide or show: Options > Appearance > Viewport Titels via macro

should be analog to:

-_Options _Appearance _Visibility
_Crosshairs=_Show !

But how would the syntax for Viewport titles be?

Seriously!? This is a major drawback, especially for presenting directly from Rhino models. I can’t believe that this is a very hard thing to fix. It just may seem like not a big deal… but it is. Hope it can be moved to one of the upcoming SRs (last time I saw it slated for SR5)

-_Options _Appearance _Visibility
_ViewportTitles Hide _EnterEnd


thank you!

I agree.