Wish for the return of layer visibility "bug"

There used to be a bug (I’m guessing it was considered a bug because seems to have been removed) in which a layer could be off but then turned on per detail (so globally it is off and only on in that one detail). This was actually rather handy in certain situations where I want some geo to appear in perhaps a couple of details, but I don’t want it cluttering model space, or I don’t want the geo appearing in any new details. The only thing I found buggy about the bug is that you couldn’t select the geometry unless you globally turned that layer back on.

I would like to get this layer only on in selected details but off in model and off by default in other details functionality back, but with the ability to select that geometry in the details in which it is turned on.


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Hi Sam, All,

I think for V6 a per detail layer manager would be the best solution for this.
Each detail has a setting for what to show/hide and how to do that.
So each detail has a layer visibility panel, and it’s own set of hidden or visible objects.
Much like how setobjectdisplaymode is linked to a viewport rather than acting globally.

Much to my surprise, I was about to suggest a per detail override of print attributes of a layer
and I see it is already implemented. The right side of the layer manager is never visible in the current setup
Maybe with all added columns the GUI should be revised…


I completely agree. I was trying to use our layout system for simple drawings on a deck I built a few weeks ago. It was frustrating that I couldn’t set up “Structure, Upper Deck” layout to always print the way I wanted - regardless of the state of the layers in the model views. I was constantly changing between the layout, the model, and the detail to get the thing to print right. I managed to print successfully, but it wasn’t fun.

Improved 2D drawing support (in some form or another) is high on our list for improving in V6 and beyond.