Wish for Lands 2.0 (Realtime nature) ;)

DICE has created an amazing engine and tools, and the visuals are nothing less than stunning… With realtime like this, who needs precalculated raytracing? It’s a heavy use of instances of course, and requires a fair bit of VRam, but it’s running on high end gaming systems.

And who wouldn’t love to just have a corner in the office where one could put on the 3D goggles and take 5 minutes and just chill in a location like this?

And here is a video on the content creation process… all done in wysiwyg:

And here is a link to their talk on GDC, about the use of photogrammetry.


Unreal Engine 4 (which is free for visualization work) has the same WYSIWYG workflow as this, but the key to the amazing realism here is of course DICE amazing photogrammetry work.

Also check out Koolas viz work which is stunning if you haven’t seen it yet. All in realtime.