Landscape design

I’m getting more and more into landscape design and found Lands design for rhino it is a great plugin with awesome database but i dont know what rendered would work great with their models and are there models great in render ? because i found project images in their website that wasn’t that realistic but i dont know which render software was used… so i would really like your opinions about Lands design & best software render to work with , Landscape design and any other software that would be better to use.

Hi -

The pictures on the main site ( Landscape design advanced solution - Lands Design) are all clearly labeled with the render engine that was used.

Perhaps the best way to find out is to use the trial version and render with the engine that you are most comfortable with?

Yea on the main page of the site they say which render engine but on the projects tab that really shows the capabilities of the software it didn’t say which render engine : Projects - Lands Design
Edit: some projects says when render engine when you enter the project but i guess it is not alot of info

I will test it out my self ofcourse but i’m open up to any suggestions for anyone who tried it or tried other landscape design softwares i’m still all over the place about render engines so a previous experiences from people who uses rhino would be great

Try Enscape.
It has a great library.