WISH: Fit Text Inside as a standard dimension setting in annotations option

PLEASE add a fit text inside option in dimension settings so I don’t have to do it manually each time! Thanks.

They did in R7 WIP. I feel your pain though. The least they could do is make it default instead of Auto Left or Right. That way we can have exactly the same Dim Styles as R5.

Ideally, I’d like those options ported back into 6.

Yes it’s so strange that they would take that out in v6. Whats the reason?

They didn’t take it out. It was never in 6. When people complained about R6 anno styles sucking, they added those Fit Text options, but only in R7 WIP.

PLEASE can we get an update in v6 to make FIT TEXT set to middle as standard rather than “auto”???

Hi - I’m not sure I follow…
If you don’t like the presets of Out-of-the-Box annotation styles, you can easily change them and save the changes as your start-up template.

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