Radius Dimensions in Styles

By default radius dimensions com out R10". Is there any way to change this in the style?
I can see how it is done on an individual basis.

The appearance of dimensions are controlled by the Annotation style you’re using at the time.
These are initially created based on the Template file you are using.
If you want a different appearance, set it up in a new or edited Annotation Style and save it as a Template.
Then when you start new files, use that template.

Thanks, but where is that particular setting in the preference? I cannot seem to find it.

You’re on a Mac so it’s in File > Settings.
Annotation style definitions are stored in the 3dm file.

In the properties panel, it is under “Text”

In settings under “Text” it’s not there.

Some of the “text” Properties are under “FONT” in Settings

It’s not there.

Still searching.

Specifically, how do you want a radius dimension to look?

Something like <10-1/2" RAD> rather than <“R10-1/2”>.

I can easily do this for individual dimensions but I have not found out how (if) it can be done in styles.

There is no mechanism to make a radius dimension look like that in Rhino currently.
How big of a problem is this for you?

I don’t recall seeing this mentioned by other users before.

It’s like anything else. I’d put on the list to have every setting available for text/dimensions available in the styles. I;d also suggest having the object properties arranged the same way in the properties panel and on the settings.

This is the place to make those sorts of specific feature enhancement requests.
If other users chime in with support for the ideas, then that give us an idea of how many people would benefit from the work. It helps us allocate our limited development resources effectively.