Wish: Expanded Polyline capabilities

Hello, I have two new ideas about the Polyline command that I will describe below.

  1. While creating the polyline, after the third mouse click (when the 2nd segment is just built), pressing the “c” key on the keyboard plus Enter will activate “Close” and that will result into building a triangle. However, it would be handy if typing “n” followed by Enter (not sure of “cp” plus Enter is possible on this kind of intermediate commands) instead of “c” and Enter results into using the initial 3 positions of the polyline as a position for setting a new temporary Cplane and then any further mouse clicks will continue to build the polyline along that Cplane. This should work in a way that after the end of the Polyline command Rhino reverts to the last user-defined Cplane. Pressing “s” plus Enter instead of “n” plus Enter will not only create the Cplane, it will also save it (or set it as a new active Cplane that persist and could be saved) while the Polyline command still runs. Pressing again the “n” key plus Enter will deactivate the Cplane lock, should the user want to continue building the polyline freely. This combines both the Polyline and Cplane, with the added benefit of making it more usable and saving time.

  2. Pressing the “v” key plus Enter to result into building the next segment of the polyline vertically.