V7 Polyline -- Enter not completing command


When using the Polyline command, there’s a new behavior to exit the command when compared to previous versions. (not sure if this is intentional or not so, I’m not sure if I’m complaining or pointing out a bug :wink: )

• run Polyline
• click a few points to create a polyline
• press Enter
• leave the command as expected


• run Polyline
• click a few points
• type a numerical value because you want a particular distance for the next point.
• mouse click to set that point
• press enter
• you haven’t left the command

you’re still in it and the only way to leave without adding more points is to put your cursor on the last point and press enter/spacebar 3 times (essentially making a duplicate point or zero length segment)

(if you just press enter 3 times with the mouse somewhere else, it will add an extra segment upon exiting)

another way is don’t mouse click for the last point… put the cursor where the last point is wanted then enter three times.

so yeah, it’d be nice if you press enter once and leave the command… (or, if it worked like V6 where it’s two Enters to leave except it doesn’t place the last segment)


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Rhino7 7.3 (Service Release Client) — I can’t replicate this behaviour.

Seems to be working as expected.

are you trying the 2nd method? the one where a distance is entered?

it works fine if just clicking points

Hi Jeff, this seems OK here in the latest (your second scenario ). What build do you have?


Yes, I did enter a distance!

hey Pascal

I have 7.2.21012.11002 right now but it’s been doing this with previous versions as well.

I’ll poke around some a little later… Weird that it’s only happening on my setup but it’s super annoying :wink:

if nobody else can see it, maybe I’ll try a clean install this weekend

@pascal @msmr

Ok, I think I’ve found out how you guys are getting it to work properly.

After typing in numbers for distance, you’re pressing enter and then making the final mouse click?
…because if I do that, it works as expected.

in previous versions, you could just type the number then make the final mouse click without needing to push enter after typing the numbers.

anyway, it’s an adjustment I think I can get used to and I should be able to engrain the new way relatively quickly.

Thanks for checking it out.

Hi Jeff - as far as I can see it works without the Enter after the number.

click click click
type 12
click >>> I get a segment 12 units long in cursor direction
Enter >>> the command ends…

that is what you expect, right?


ok, I just clean installed and it works fine so I’m thinking there might be something in my preferences which is causing it.

I’ll see if I can narrow it down.

(or maybe it will be fine still when I get all my preferences set up)

thanks for testing it

I think I’ve found the culprit.

It appears to be happening with the popup/floating command dialog.

when you get a chance, can you try this set up (Preferences/Themes)

Is Polyline acting weird now?

always done it that way …