Polyline RhinoScript or Python with curves

Hi all, I’m trying to work out how I can add a Rhino.AddPolyline but with the equivalent of Mode=Line and Mode=Arc sections. I can use the Rhino.Command “Pline” method but it leaves a lot of text in the command history which the NoEcho option doesn’t supress.

I’m guessing it could be built with arcs and line segments that could be joined, but I thought there might be a more sophisticated way to do it!



Hi Adrian,

I am not sure if that helps with what you are trying to do, but you can use “~” before the command to suppress all the command options from command line (they would still work though). Polyline command would still print the “select next point” message…

How about this:

Call Rhino.Command("_NoEcho ~Polyline")
Call Rhino.ClearCommandHistory()

While in command, you can type mode=Line or mode=Arc, if you need them to be activated during the command (placed on key shortcuts or buttons?). Why is the command history mess a problem? You can clear it after the command completes, but not while picking points I think)


Thanks @Jarek , that is going to work just fine and keeps the screen clean.