WISH: enhancing the commands Extrusions and SolidPtOn

Simple question: “In the next version we will see Rhino extrusions that are carried out respecting the directions of the adjacent faces?”.
For example, in SketchUp there is a command that allows you to do this …
Propose an implementation, it would be interesting.

Another question: “Will be enhanced the possibilities of the command SolidPton, as regards the solid modeling?”. I’d like you could add more edit points, for example, to edit a grid of editing at each side, so as to be able to model a solid for the most points.


Hi Davide - what does this mean?


i imagine he’s talking about the difference seen here:

• starting object on left…
• middle object extruded with this macro: ! _ExtrudeSrf pause _DeleteInput=Yes
(which is what sketchup’s push/pull tool does)
• right object created using _MoveFace

the one on the right is what would happen if using SolidPtOn and he’s wanting to make the one in the middle via moving solidPt… some sort of mode which allows point editing to create new geometry instead of just moving it?

at least, that’s what i think the request is.

personally, i think it would be more cumbersome to do that type of geometry creating via point editing as opposed to using the extrude commands since you’d be required to select multiple points instead of single faces but maybe that’s just me. :wink:

Hi Jeff- thanks, yeah, that is what I guessed as well, but since there is a way to do this, I wanted to hear from Davide…
BTW, Gumball extruding does the middle case as well, no need for the Extrude command.


Is this the same request which was made in a previous thread? V6 wish: move, rotate and scale face with out changing the surroundings

i don’t use gumball nearly as much as i should… i like it and it simplifies some things in certain situations… if i really try to figure out why i don’t use it so much then it’s probably something like “i don’t like how it looks” :slight_smile: …but i get it that that’s silly and my own personal problem.

anyway, i’m still hoping for a way to do this with the extrude commands (multi extrudes in normal direction)

i’ve brought it up in the past and had a few longer conversations about it so i’m not trying to rekindle that… just putting out a reminder is all :wink:

that said, i have been using OffsetSrf a lot for multiple extrusions and it’s pretty great in many situations… is there any way that i haven’t found yet to use OffsetSrf in this example? (offsets as a solid except the original face is deleted?)… otherwise, in this particular example, i could offset solid then boolean union afterwards.

nah… it’s different… at the most basic level, davide’s request (if i understand correctly) would allow you to drag a single point and it draws a line (resulting in 2 points)… or- draw a square plane, turn ptsOn, drag those points perp to the plane and a cube is formed. (4 points become 8) etc.

As for the command “extrude”, jeff_hammond in his example of the hexagonal prism has described well what I meant (see the first image, last extrusion).
Instead, as regards the command “SolidPtOn” would like a feature of the genus described to this address: V6 wish: move, rotate and scale face with out changing the surroundings (see video added by me for the software UGS NX).
Thanks Pascal

Jeff_hammond understood everything well!
I would like a more powerful solid modeling, well described in the video is what I mean. The command SolidPton should provide an editing function that allows you to define, for faces, more accurate and complex changes.