Extrude like sketchup (plugin joint push pull)

Can rhino do that?


Hi - it looks like you should be able to achieve that with the Scale2D command.

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Hey. Not doing that right?

Apparently what you are saying Sketchup is calling “extrude” isn’t really extrude at all in normal english usage, and thus not in Rhino’s usage. As Wim says, the uniform expansion of your object in 2 dimensions is accomplished in Rhino with the Scale2D command. Since I’m not an expert Gumball user I can’t say whether Scale2D can be done on your object using it.

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Well, not really… If the object is not of uniform distance everywhere from the scale center then the “extrusion” distance will not be the same everywhere.

If I understood correctly, the @rhinoadv would like a multiface/multidirectional extrusion (offset) that keeps faces joined by extending/shrinking them as necessary. Rhino does not currently have this capability. Using OffsetSrf on the subobject-selected faces indicated results in his middle image.

This particular operation can be accomplished however with a relatively quick workaround:

  1. Subobject select the 5 faces
  2. Call Join. This will extract copies and join them into one polysurface
  3. OffsetSrf the above result the desired distance using the solid=yes and corner=sharp options
  4. Call BooleanUnion and union the original and the offset polysurfaces
  5. MergeAll Faces.

Thanks you!

You can scale 2d with the gumball but I don’t see why anyone would want to. If you want to pick a scale origin that isn’t where the gumball first appears, using the gumball would require two or three more clicks than using the scale 2d command.

Tip: set scale 1d, scale 2d and scale to be ctl-1, ctl-2, and ctl-3 on your keyboard options. You’ll never forget those hot keys and you will use them often.

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Thanks, Max. That’s what I suspected but wasn’t sure. Also for the ctl-n hotkey idea.

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There’s an excellent tutorial on pluralsight called “learning to work quickly and efficiently in rhino” by Jean Gorospe that makes a bunch of great suggestions for how to set up hotkeys and the middle mouse button. It’s a few hours of video and it made me five times faster than I used to be after I fully absorbed it. Worth a one month membership just for that tutorial.

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