Wish: Enhanced Fillet surface + BUG

After playing a bit with the latest Rhino 8 WIP, I noticed that there is a lot of room for improvement for the “Fillet surface” tool. So, I made an image with some descriptions of the enhancements I would like to suggest for future development. :slight_smile: Hopefully they will be greenlighted and be available in the retail Rhino 8.

Remembering the used values is especially important, because there is virtually no way for someone to remember some random numbers for the next session or after using different values on a bunch of surface edges.

Also, I think that replacing the common “Extend” option by two individual options, “Extend 1” and “Extend 2”, is a better solution for those who want to take advantage of a smarter “Fillet surface” tool.


There is also a bug that occurs while running the “Fillet surface” command in Rhino 8 WIP when the active display mode uses shadows. Rhino 7 works properly with the same display modes. This is the one shown in the video:
Bobi X9.ini (13.9 KB)

Environment map for Bobi X9.ini:
Bobi X9.rar (170.5 KB)


Hi Bobi - thanks, I’ll check this.

Here, your mode looks like this, before I do anything:

Probably not right… ah, @Rhino_Bulgaria I do not have Bobi B2.png



Thank you, Pascal! Hopefully this will be resolved soon. All of my display modes with real-time shadows encounter the same issue like the one shown in the video above.


yeah the ‘shadows’ have always been buggy. but rhino7 is much better than previous things i’ve seen haha.

rhino8 seems premature to be released soon, hopefully they wait a few yrs – imo.

and ‘fillet edge’ is better than ‘regular filletsrf’ :shushing_face: :eyes:, so hopefully they work on that too. imo. that would be great :coffee: :slightly_smiling_face:

these are awesome ideas:

:beers: i wonder if that dialogue is just an eto framework :face_with_monocle: :thinking: :thought_balloon:


I think that there is a bug related to “Fillet surface”, more specifically, inability to snap to a target edge via “Int” (intersection) while trying to extend a surface with active “SetBasePoint” option. The latter only works while shortening a longer surface which already extends past the target edge. In my opinion, Rhino must be smart enough to predict the exact intersection point with the target edge and be able to snap there.

Another bug is related to the Grid in “Ghosted” display mode where it can’t be hidden. However, hiding the Grid works as expected in the rest display modes.

I also would like to see a “ChainSurfaces” option, similar to the “ChainEdges” option used in _FilletEdge. It must be able to do an automatic trimming in-between, while also extending the two edges at either end.


Ooops, I noticed that you edited your comment and added the image and question about the missing environment map. I will add it in my earlier post above. :slight_smile:

That bug also occurs on any other display mode with shadows, even on the default “Arctic” and “Rendered” modes. “Ghosted” mode, however, loses transparency for the preview surface.

I’ve seen bugs with this in v7

exactly. assuming you’re still talking about the grid bugs

arctic bug v7:

I’d circle the key parameters to look at that clearly indicate the bug, but it’s there if you look closely.

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it would be a completely different tool at that point haha, the way it should have always been.

‘extend up to boundary’ would be cool…