Fillet Surface Issue

Hey guys,

I have a problem. I need to fillet this surface with two other surfaces from both sides throughout the whole path. How can I do that? FilletSrf does not work how I want in to be. I attached the screen to show the target profile.


Hi Nikita - can you post a file with that object? There is no tool for this three-surface-fillet but we can probably get you there.


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Yeah, sure. Here you go.
test1f.3dm (102.5 KB)

I have requested this in the past. This would be perfect for a 3 sided fillet. Would LOVE to see this command added, or a way of making a surface similar.

Just my 2 cents.


Definetely would love to see that too :slight_smile:


Testing 3dm Archive: C:\Users.…\Downloads\test1f.3dm
Start Section: 463 bytes (offset 0 to 463)
Offset: 0
3dm archive version: 70
Interface Name: Rhinoceros 7.12 - Corporate, build 2021-11-09 - (compiled Nov 9 2021)
SDK Version: 2348836105.2385542481
OpenNURBS Version: 2385542481
3dm Version: 7

Corporate Rhino - Pirated SW? - Rhino / Rhino for Windows - McNeel Forum

What a pity. I had no idea I’ve been using a pirated verison of Rhino for half of a month now. I’m new to Rhino and want ot learn it. I stand against pirated software and condemn such thing. The seller said it was “legit” and took money for it. Can you please provide a link where I can buy genuine version? Would be great.

That’s terrible.

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Yeah, it is. It appears I am a victim of a scam now. I lost my money to a scammer. I hope there will be no other people that are provided with misleading information like I was.

Hi @martinsiegrist
What is the name of the command you used?