Wish: Editing detail view content with PrintDisplay on

basically, as soon as one engages in editing the content of a detail view on a layout page, PrintDisplay is auto-off. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to tun it on while editing content.

that is annoying, because the final intended appearance is lost. Often it is necessary to jump back and forth in/out of the detail just to see an edit in the intended colors.

Please make it possible to edit with PrintDisplay on.

thank you,

Hi Daniel -

In Rhino 8, PrintDisplay is somewhat on its way out. It’s possible to define the line weight of objects in pixels or real-world units. This is then visible in the viewports without the use of PrintDisplay. The idea is that one can decide if one wants to use these weights or the print weight when printing to, e.g., PDF.

Hi Wim,

thanks, interesting! can’t wrap my head around it now as I hadn’t have time to explore the WIP much.

but I am referring to colour as much as to lineweight.

How would print colour be handled, if I may ask?

Hi Daniel -

Good question…
I suppose we might as well get this one fixed - it’s been on the list for 8 years now, though…:
RH-29128 Print display layout/detail bug

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