New Object Color On Layout Window

I understand that new objects default to the layer color. In my drawing the layer color is white which works for the model tabs. When I draw a line in the model it is white while drawing the line and after the line has been completed. This of course displays property since my background is black.

The layer’s printing and layout color is black. When create a line in the layout it starts out white while drawing the line but then turns the correct color (black) after completing the line. The problem with white of course is that the paper (background) is white so you can’t see the line as it’s being drawn unless the cursor is off of the canvas.

How can I change this so that when drawing a line on the layout so that it shows up as it’s being drawn the same color as the color after the line is completed?

2023-03-21 12_48_13-Hide Below Grade.3dm (19 MB) - Rhinoceros 7 Commercial - Perspective
2023-03-21 12_48_36-Hide Below Grade.3dm (19 MB) - Rhinoceros 7 Commercial - 11 x 8.5

yes this seems buggy. It shouldn’t do that.

reomtely related to this problem. Basically you can’t create new geometry in the layouts using the PrintDisplay colour scheme.

Is there a way to change the new object’s color while it’s being drawn so that I could change it to a color that doesn’t match either the background color of the model or layout? If not, this would solve this issue. If I could assign the color of the new object as it’s being drawn to a set color, i.e. yellow, then I could see it in both windows.

Hi @Mike24,

Unlike AutoCAD, where white draw black on a white background and vice versa, Rhino white always draws white. So select your background colors accordingly.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

I hear what you are saying. And it makes sense not to have an automatic inversion of B/W.

What Mike is describing though, is that the colour set for PrintDisplay via Layer assignment, is not regarded DURING a command. So when PrintColor is set to black, it is still drawn as white until the command (eg. polyline) is finished, at that point drawn items turn black. To me, that does not make sense. When PrintDisplay is on, Rhino should strictly stick to that color scheme, imho.


Hi @dk2079,

Yeah, that doesn’t seem right. I’ve logged the issue.


– Dale


Thanks for clarifying my point!

Thanks for logging this issue.

RH-73756 is fixed in the latest WIP