Wish: DXF Export Option for Text Fields

working with DXF files is quite common when creating Laser or Cutting contours in production settings.

For engraving names into parts some of our customers use “AutoCAD Fields” that translate to Field Names

For the Filename for example Rhino uses:

AutoCAD Uses:
%<\AcVar Filename \f “%fn2”>%

If you export a Rhino Field the VALUE is exported. The Formular is not exported (which breaks the connection to automatically choosing the engraving tool on the CNC-Mashines side).

So the question would be:

Could you add the following Options to the AutoCAD DXF and DWG File Export:

“Convert Field Formulars to AutoCAD Field Formulars”

Also AutoCAD distinguishes “Text” Objects and “MultiLine Text” Objects (MText)
Not that this makes any sense, but in some cases it is required to deliver certain texts as “text” not “Mtext” which I cannot create from Rhino.

So maybe you could add two options for that as well

“Split Multiline Texts into severalTexts”
“Save single LineTexts as “Text” Objects”


@MartinIC -

For the field conversion, I don’t know what it might take to do that. Looks like it’s not as simple as adding the field definition in the text string like you do in Rhino. That just means that it’s more work to do it and less likely to happen quickly.

I don’t know off hand if there are Acad equivalents for all of the Rhino fields. Are there certain ones that are useful to you?
And you’re talking about Rhino to Acad, right?

Would you ever want Rhino text broken into separate objects for each line and then written to Acad MText?
Or would an option for Export text as Text/MText be enough?