Cannot edit text created in Autocad

Dear Forum,

This is my first post here and I am a novice Rhino user running the free trial ATM.

I am trying to edit text on a Aft Aligned sp.dxf (18.6 MB) .dxf created in AutoCAD. When I select the text the software treats it as a curve and does not bring up the text edit window.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



All you have is polylines in your autocad file, no text objects. Did you open this in autocad?

I have just downloaded the Auto CAD Lte.

Can I use Auto CAD to turn them into text objects?


The text objects look like they have been ‘vectorized’ into curves - I think there is little hope of getting them back as text. If AutoCAD has this function it would have a leg up on Rhino - but I doubt it.

Ok thanks for your time. Think I will just make new text objects then.