Export text to DXF as TEXT not MTEXT

Any way to export text to DXF as TEXT not MTEXT?

Exactly! Sending the text to CNC. And yes exploding the text in AutoCad did the trick, but I kind of want to export it from Rhino in this way.

I want to know this too.
Can jou do it in rhino explode mtext to text, like you can do in autocad?

Rhino does not differentiate between Text (single-line) and MText (multiline) as AutoCAD does. All text entities in Rhino are (potentially) multi-line entities (text blocks) even if you have only one line of text.

So…it’s not possible to export it as Text? Do you need to explode it in autocad?

Nope and yes… explode it in autocad.

I wanted to do the same thing. I found that I can export from Rhino to an older version of DXF and it converts Rhino text to single-line autocad text. For instance, if you export to our 12 DXF this works.

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Is this still working?