Wish: Display Mode -- "Color Reduction %" slider for Object Surface Faces

A colleague mentioned the idea today that it would be nice if we had a “Color Reduction %” slider for the Srf Faces (like we do for Srf Edges in the Display Modes) so we can create grayscale viewports and/or objects.

It’s possible to fake it now by lowering the Input Gamma to basically “0.0” but it would be a helpful control if we could directly control the surface color reduction %. I also find I need to fiddle with the custom lighting in the display mode to offset the input gamma change, which is less than desirable.

In the meantime, does anybody have a script that accomplishes this greyscaling?



Hi Alan - in a raytraced vp you can force grayscale -


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Hi Pascal - That’s good to know, thank you.

Just for clarification, the DisplayMode mentioned above would ultimately be helpful in detail viewports, etc., where something like raytracing becomes too intensive.