V7 feature request: view options

— update: I’m a bonehead and missed that this is an existing feature. One thing rhino doesn’t currently do is allow users to lighten, rather than darken, edges. That’s my new feature request.

Currently view options allow for surface and polysurface edges to be made a uniform or the object color.

It would be handy to add an option where one can set them to be a certain amount darker or lighter than the object color, for example making the edges of a blue object or an object on a blue layer show up as a lighter shade of blue.

In 2d viewports, it can be hard to see object edges when they’re the same color as the object, but changing all edges to a single color is both a little too aggressive of a solution and it also eliminates a color from the user’s useful color options: for example if I make all edges white, using a white layer to draw guide lines is no longer a good idea.

It’s already possible to make them darker… check out the edge color reduction setting in the display mode. 0% will be object color, 100% will be black.

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Woah. How did I miss that. Indispensable. Thanks.

I have a trick to solve it.
You can assign different print colours to each object and then work in a Print Mode. This way you can even have different thicknes for edges. Works miracles for good appearance.

Wait, is this only for naked edges? I was thinking for all edges. Also the color reduction seems to go only darker, not lighter.

— Update, nevermind, found the setting. Still doesn’t allow for negative numbers in the color reduction field, which would be nice, and is now officially my feature request.

Well, by default here anyway, the surface edges seem lighter than the object color. But yes, you can’t control the degree of lightness.

My eyes are already grateful to you for pointing out the existing feature!

I like it around 50%…

Yeah, looks good.

While I’m here, is there an option to make lines and edges that are selected the same pixel thickness or thicker than when not selected?