Wish: Detail display mode pull down + scale calculator

Hi @pascal can you take a look at this wish:

When working with layouts it is a tedious job setting up all the details correctly.
I wish it was possible to set the display mode directly for the detail from a pull down like this.
(Setting multiple at the same time)

And also have a scale calculator that shows the scale.
And be able to set the two scales to the same unit.
(This should be universal and not only per detail)

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This part needs a looooot of attention.
Yes the layout settings are actually very tedious.
I’m sure every (expert) users have they own script to manage this, it’s time to make this more effective.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Here’s a start-
RH-71165 Detail properties: Display mode
Can you say a bit more about how you envision the scale setting working? I also find it cumbersome, but I don’t use it much in real life so a more detailed description would be helpful. (I can imagine a dropdown list of presets might be handy as well)


Interesting. I’ve never found setting the detail scale to be all that difficult.
I Zoom until what I want to show looks about right.
I look at the display scale, set a standard scale that’s close to the display, Lock the Detail, and I’m done.

What am I missing?

Hei Jørgen -

We have a feature request for a pulldown for common scales on the list as RH-61916 (hidden to the public). I’ve added this thread.

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I guess that’s where the problem lies, with out a masters degree in Math this can be painful. when working with large details and small details at the same time it can be confusing to do the mm → M conversion for some users. Some details are 1 mm : 0.0001M other are 1mm: 0.02M and 1mm :0.4M all on the same project. But we allways label the drawings with 1:50, 1:100, 1:2000, 1:1 etc.

I have never ever seen a drawing labled “1mm = 0.001 M” but this might be different in none European metric countries.

Obviously you see that 1:500 is a much clearer and better UI than 1mm to 0.5M, don’t you?

It is super easy to code on the back end and you have so much real estate to spend on the detail options page, so please add it. I made a simple set scale for detail script that we use all the time. It tells the current scale, asks for a new and unlocks the detail and locks it again too, if locked. Hitting Esc, Cancel or OK if you like the current scale is all OK, so you can use it to check scales too. A one click solution that eases the pain when working on the deadline.

This is commonly used in the US where architectural scales are often shown as things like 1/8" = 1’

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Thanks, that makes sense and also explains why it is like it is and there is little understanding for this wish :sweat_smile:

I understand the wish and it’s on my list. I made a mistake when initially implementing the feature by only storing a single number to define the scale. We need to eventually store two numbers and unit systems to get a consistent UI in place.

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