Detail Scaling UI mini fix wish

Hi guys!

Details are most of the time just refered to in scale and those scales are as you know like 2:1, 1:1, 1:100, 1:250 etc

So doing the scaling from millimeter to meter is odd, and I hope you can fix that for V6.
I allways have to double check and stop to think because of this, which indicates that the UI is bad for such a simple task.

I am sure it is a ten minute fix for you guys and it would make a huge difference for us.
I would prefer to just drop the different units and go for pure scale, or add a drop down for the units behind the two input boxes.



Hi Jorgen- I agree this is harder than it should be - to me anyway. I’d say this will not get tuned up in V6.0, but it’s not too hard to imagine say a linked field with the ratio so you could enter it either way, for instance.

Also this approach -


I can understand that you mean “before” release, but surely it can be updated in a 6.x release. (!)
Adding an option to use the same unit for both scales SURELY must be a walk in the park for any developer.

Making details as smooth as possible is important now that make2D has gotten so much better.

thanks for understanding.

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