Layout / properties detail / scale

I can’t set the scale of a layout.
I used to set the scale with the “Detail” panel:

Currently I can change the values (units on page / mm in model) but nothing happens.

I don’t use layouts often, is this a bug or is there a procedure that has changed?
thank you,

Version 7 SR23
(7.23.22282.13001, 2022-10-09)

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Hello @Holo, sorry to mention you directly, I know you use layouts a lot.
Do you have the same problem or is it just me?

thank you jmv.

Hm, that’s weird… I see the detail isn’t locked, so it should work.
I have not encountered this problem.

I set the detail scale by a script though, because I hate converting 1:20 into mm and M…

You can try it:
It should work even if the detail is locked.
We work in Meters, so maybe you need to do some math to make it work if you use something else though :slight_smile:

### Set Detail Scale by Holo
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
detail = rs.GetObject("select detail",rs.filter.detail,preselect=True)
if detail:
    scale = rs.DetailScale(detail)
    newScale= rs.RealBox("The detail is in scale 1:"+str(1/scale), 1/scale, "Detail Scale", 0)
    if newScale:
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Thank you Holo for taking the time to answer me,
unfortunately the result is the same, no change of scale.
If the problem comes from my configuration, I will look, maybe a plugins…


I found it!
the units in “Document Properties/Units/Layout” was set to “No units” (units model was set to mm)
Changing this setting solves the problem.

The file was originally created with Rhino 6, then saved in Rhino 7, maybe that’s why…

Interesting, but how does Rhino then determine that the initial scale of the detail is 1:5.4? :wink:

Seems like a bug for the big brains. @pascal might know who to address this to.