Set multiple detail scales

Hi all,

This is probably already a discussion, but I couldn’t find it:

In V5 is there a way to set the detail scale for multiple details at once? It seems tedious to have to set Front/Top/Right individually.

If no, is it possible in V6?

Hi Declan, no, but it seems like it ought to work that way - other Properties are applicable to multiple objects.

@declan - you can do this via the Detailcommand, but not in Properties.

Declan, would it make any sense, in real life, to be able to set the scale with just one number, and assume the other is 1? Like, using 2 would make the Properties show 1 in the top number and .5 in the lower number. I don’t know how users prefer to set the scale, but this seems intuitive to me…


Hi Pascal,

Sorry, I was taking a nap :wink:

Just checked the Detail command and it works exactly as I’d like - but with a few extra keystrokes, obviously. Tying the properties tick box to that same command would be great - enabling multiple detail scale settings at once.

I actually don’t think i’d use the “proportional” option. I mainly want to show multiple views that visually correspond scale-wise, but maybe others would appreciate it.

Thanks as always!