Wish Rhino allowed for a completely mouse-free workflow

While mouse is great for new users there is nothing more valuable for a super user than to combo up a series of commands for selecting elements and executing actions directly from the keyboard. It’s much harder in such a precision-thirsting discipline as CAD than other 2D programs. I hope that there is still room for improvement though.

i completely agree, the mouse gets in the way very often and should be only used for panning, rotating the view and adjusting geometry, texture etc. of course.

do you have an example where it gets in the way the most?

i for my part have a lot of pain with the mac interface, since many things do not work as they should by standard. for instance tabbing through values is a pain not every command allows it forcing me to use the mouse to select the next field to adjust further values, nothing more time wasting than that…, also not every command completes with enter, but this is just platform depended stuff, generally i would enjoy not having to move the mouse to any sort of panel to adjust something.

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Rhino has millions of options for that including custom macros and scripts. There is practically nothing you can’t do in this respect.

I think all menues could be turned into commands, but my personal pet peeves are “Layers” and “Properties”. A seriers of new commands like: SetLayer, SetLayerColor, SetLayerName, SetObjectColor (SelLayer, SelObjectColor) would be a very apt addition I think.

@Helvetosaur agreed, one could script a lot of these already - SelObjectLayer works beautifully for me, but a consistent series of such new commands would make Rhino even more powerful I think.

Maybe is there any UI framework that is less mouse-oriented in general?