Layout & Drafting - Display Modes

Hello! Much has been said about how Layouts/Details can and should be improved. Here’s one subtopic I’d like to emphasise (again maybe):
Detail Views should have their Display Modes coupled to them, somehow.

Example: someone creates a special Display Mode for some Detail views. Another person opens the file and looks at this specific Layout - it should be expectable that the Detail views look exactly as intended, right?
As of now, this will only be the case when player 1 did export the new Display Mode, and player 2 imported it into the scene already. If this is missed, the hassle begins, and people start to search who created the file, and how to export/import the Display Mode. This should not happen.

So, the Display Mode should ‘come with’ a Detail view, somehow.

This raises the question: should Display Modes be a ‘Document Property’ or a ‘Rhino Option’. Both, acutally. Or in other words, a new Display Mode should be available in all Rhino sessions, but should also come across when a document is opened where this Display Mode occurs.
Any thoughts?

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Hi Eugen -

I’ve added this thread to the comments in RH-31129 which is not visible to the public.

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