Wish: copy mesh options copied from existing file

Could you please make a browse button in Rhino Options so that mesh custom options are copied from a existing file?


I hate to adjust this every time if I forget to start the file with my template.


As an alternative please make another radio button there with even finer settings.


How about making a macro button that would change the mesh settings with a single click?
Since they are saved in the file and not in Rhino itself, it makes more sense to create a simple tool that stays with Rhino.
This would avoid the complications of saving, naming, restoring, exporting, and importing these settings.


Thanks @John_Brock,

That is also a good alternative.
Can you give an example?

This is a bit kludgy but works:

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RH-58789 Refresh the mesh


RH-58789 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate