Why can't Rhino remember Mesh settings?

This seems like a no-brainer. Although, it may be possible that I have no brain and can’t make it work.

I often export items as an STL out of my working drawing to send to my 3d printer for prototyping. So, the MeshfromNURBS command sees constant use.

Once you create the settings, as long as you don’t quit Rhino, it will retain those last settings. If you quit, then Rhino reverts to the default MeshfromNURBS settings.

It seems ridiculous that Rhino constantly reverts to a default setting and will not remember my previous settings. I only have one printer and do not need to change the settings. I could have set it years ago and never touched it again, yet I have to reset it on a daily basis. Seems silly, but it aggravates me so much that I choose to never quit Rhino, because of this issue.

So, can someone either explain how to change the defaults or can someone from McNeel add a “use previous settings” box. A drop down menu with pre-sets to choose from and create for yourself would be nice, but a simple checkbox would help.

So far, I have been exceedingly happy with Rhino on Mac, my PC version has not been used in months. Looking forward to the final release!

If you are talking about the Mesh command (MeshFromNURBS doesn’t exist), this looks like it a MacRhino-only bug, as the Mesh remembers the last-used settings between sessions in Windows Rhino. I don’t see a bugtrack item for this, @dan is this on your radar?

If you are talking about Export>STL, the last used settings do seem to be retained between sessions on both Windows and Mac.

The problem becomes when you need to use different settings for different situations, there is currently no way to store/recall presets. It has been asked for. Currently the only solution for that is to use scripts with the settings on buttons or aliases.


I just got bit by that. I took a screenshot of the settings, but then I deleted it, while cleaning.
A button to save presets would be nice.

I’ve assumed this was default behavior.

I export everything as .obj and have to set up the values for the expert settings the first time I use it each launch. It retains settings between use, but if I quit, relaunch and export again I have to do the settings again.

These values could be stored in the user rhino plist, but the app would have to be coded to do so.

Hi Mitch, I was not referring to an issue with exporting, as Rhino remembers those settings, as you said. Also, correct on the command. I always look under the Mesh tab and scroll to “From NURBS Objects” and it was a bit early in the morning after a late night and pre-coffee.

Thanks for the comments everyone, glad to know I am not the only one asking. I have not powered up my PC to run Rhino in a loooong time, so I did not remember it being any different. Maybe subconsciously I did remember and that is why it is bothering me! :smile:

Got it (MR-2091). Thanks. Renaming thread to match the issue…hope you don’t mind, @Ukktor.

Not a bit! Thanks for the support, Dan.

Edit to add a note since Dan will read this: I am also having the multiple fillet fail issue, but see you guys are working on it. Single fillets work fine and I am sure you guys will take care of it in good time.

The Mesh command should now retain mesh settings between Rhino sessions in the latest RhinoWIP (5E199w). Please give it a try.

I still miss the implementing of a “remember previous” setting ever since since my first post in this thread years ago Thanks for taking care of it. I STILL have not touched my PC install for Rhino in years. I still use Rhino ALL THE TIME for 3d printing and product design too!

Sorry don’t use mac but I have asked for a file format where we can save mesh settings and share them with others I’ve asked this since V3 surely by now McNeel can do this in both mac and win versions for mesh settings, McNeel has this for other things we need this for mesh settings by now and it would be great to be able to share these settings they could even ship with V6.