Mesh command option to save "Mesh Settings" please

I asked for this I think in V3 but maybe it will make it into V6.
Mesh settings when you use the “mesh command” should have an option to save the settings. This way we could trade mesh settings and V6 should in my opinion ship with a library of mesh settings that will work in maybe most cases. I hate working on a project getting the settings right then working on an entirely different project with different mesh settings because the objects are different sizes and types and then having to dig for the older settings.

The option to save mesh settings should be in the mesh command when we choose a nurbs object to convert to mesh. Saved mesh settings would be very useful for me especially when I am sending out objects as stl files to be rapid prototyped etc.
Thanks and hope something this simple can make it into V6.


Thanks for the suggestion, filed it as

Thanks Brian