Clippingplanes wishes

1- Clip selected objects only (with the ability to add and remove objects from that list)

2- Clip with any shapes or at least with a box as well

3- A GUI to handle the clippingplanes

4- Autosize the plane to the boundingbox of the objects

5- Hide the “X” and the direction when clippingplane is not selected

6- GUI sliders to move the clippingplane in XYZ and UVW directions with a setting for the speed/steps


double hearts for #1 on this list.

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The pointools plug-in seems quite good to me. It cuts pointclouds but a tool to cut any objects in the same spirit would be useful.

Would not using the Gumball and its options not answer the request for :

Another request would be the option to Set Clipping plane perpendicular to crv and move it along this curve.
See this post. Move Clipping Plane Along Curve without replacing it [Rhino Common] Python


This one is already filed as for future reference.

We’ve got a ton of requests for clipping planes filed but I’m not seeing your #1 which I’d call a “clipping plane object property”. I just made sure this gets on the list as

I’m guessing this is more of a property of a clipping plane in that the plane would have a list of objects that is has (or does not have) an effect on.

That could work too Steve with a list of all objects in the scene and perhaps layer control below the ‘clipped views’ in object props. But, I’d personally prefer it the other way so I wouldn’t have to name objects in order to find them in the clipping plane properties. If you could handle the lazy modeler cases by also having a pick mode in the clipping plane properties that would be the best of both ideas I think.

Maybe Jorgen should decide!

I propose two ways, either one like Zebra and the analysis tools have, a simple add and remove button, or a list in the properties where one can “radiobutton” between all and selected, where all is defaul if no objects are preselected, and selected is default if objects are preselected. And then in the list have an add button and a remove button.

Most render programs I have used has this for lights among other tools.

This is Jørgen’s wish so he gets to decide :wink:

But I see this somewhat linked to my wish (which I’m not sure made it to the jetbrain list) where you can assign a hatch property to the properties of an object. When the object gets cut by a clipping plane, the object’s hatch is used. And the user gets the option to pick “solid, hatch, both” for display in clipped mode.

I guess this wish doesn’t necessarily demand that the clipping behavior itself is set under the object’s properties but if not, there will be settings in different places. Then again (thinking as I write), when using different Clipping Objects at the same time, I suppose it is the clipping object that needs a list over which objects it actually clips…

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It’d be nice if double clicking clipping object toggled its state.

Clipping with any shape surfaces/objects would indeed be superb.

I am ‘reheating’ this topic with good suggestions from @Holo, especially would be great to have per-object override so some objects can ignore clipping by ClippingPlanes (a checkbox in ObjectProperties, perhaps?)
Another way would be to exclude objects from clipping per-Clippingplane, but UI for that is less straight-forward.

I have one more to add to the pile for ClippingPlanes and curious if this is as ‘easy’ as it sounds: how about a command: ExtractClippedMesh, that would basically extract the rendermesh used to display clipped geometry in the viewport?
@jeff - is that information available as 3D geometry to extract?

Many times when working with 3D sections we would find this very helpful to extract the clipped geometry as a real model with no need for clipping plane. I realize that getting the 3D Surfaces and Polysurfaces may require much more work to physically clip, but maybe at least render-mesh version would be quickly available?




great suggestion

‘Just’ the render mesh version will be very helpful for me. For evaluation and to use in visualizations.

Max’s include/exclude objects per light setting is the GUI that comes to my mind when ever this topic comes up:

Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking for the 2nd option, Vray Clipping Object in Max has this exact same workflow.
The problematic part in Rhino is by default objects are not named so it makes it difficult to keep track of what is what in that case… That’s why I though a checkbox that would exclude object from all clipping could be a good start. A little less functionality for complex, multi-clipping plane model scenes, but way simpler to use (and implement, I guess).

Hi all -
I have no idea if the underlying mesh exists as clipped or just partly hidden - I suspect the latter, but what do I know…?


Hi Pascal, thanks… first I was thinking the ClippingPlane is just some visual trickery but then in works with Make2D, so maybe there is hope to grab the clipped 3D geometry…


Yup, good point - well, fortunately nothing depends on my understanding once it’s on the heap!


Pascal is correct… there is no “clipped geometry” that exists… Things get clipped at the point a pixel is about to be turned on…so you actually have to draw all of the geometry in order to know which portions get clipped. I’m pretty sure Make2D is just performing some kind of intersection tests with a plane and the affected objects, and producing the proper results…but I don’t know if it’s actually working with the render meshes.

That being said, I’m not sure how hard it would be to just produce an output that is trimmed by the clipping plane(s). You should try it on your models and see what happens… Just replace the clipping plane with a (large enough) real plane object, and see if you can trim the entire model with it (of course I would work with only the render meshes)…

If it looks like it will always work, then it can be automated.

It doesn’t seem to always work, no.