Wish: Blending of material/geometry

I’m not completely sure where or to whom I should direct this, since its aimed at various software develpers, but would it be a stretch to ask for this function in future render solutions (cycles, vray etc.)?
Pretty please!

(reference: Blender “blendit” - dynamic material blending of objects)

There appear to be a mix of custom normals and material mixing. Could be possible, but would require quite some effort. If you stick to Rhino PBR material definition you could get this done, it doesn’t have to wait for a Rhino developer to do this.

  • uv texture coordinate creation
  • baking of combined texture
  • A new material with set of baked textures per blended object

Btw, here the video of v1.0 directly linked as it wasn’t in the Gumroad page

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I can imagine it’s doable, but it takes too much time, work wise.
What I’m saying is that I dream of the possibility of being able to fix it this quick and seamlessly.
I would love to see this prioritized by developers, since it improves render realism substantially.
At least by my opinion.

Right, my point is that a developer from the community could already take this on.

My todo list is quite long, I don’t know when I have time for this.

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My bad.
I guess I misunderstood.

If this is to be implemented with, let’s say, v-ray.
Is it then a project for Chaosgroup only, or would it have to be fixed/made ready within Rhino first?

I would implement this using Rhino.RenderMaterial. One that adheres to the Rhino PBR material.

The work to do is essentially set up good uv coordinates on the mesh and bake textures such that the two materials blend from base object and top object. Then replace top object material with the new one.

That way it should work with other engines as well.

Then I guess what’s left for me to do is crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers::blush: