Vray - How to create a material with color variation per object

I’m not sure if this forum can be used for V-ray specific questions too, if not I would kindly take your advice what fora have knowledgeable people that are as helpful as you guys here.

The thing I’m trying to achieve is a tile’d wall/floor with variation in the color of the tiles. In Maya I am used to work with the shading networks, and I would be able to use some math-nodes to create deviations based on for example location in the scene, or other statistic.


I can of course create a bunch of materials manually, and apply them in groups, but I was hoping there is a more refined or rather efficient way to do this.

Maybe the chaosgroup team has something to implement or the new beta option allow it. I would ask at the VfR forum.

@Micha I have created an account for the Chaosgroup’s forum, but I’m not allowed to create posts or even reply.

In the V-Ray 1.5 you have the new TextTile texture mapping.

This come from 3DMax and it’s absolutely perfect for your need.
Playing with the parameter you can add randomness to the tile aspect in a few click.

Hello Riccardo, I do know “Texture mapping” but I can’t seem to find anything on “TextTile” trough google for rhino or vray with TextTile texture mapping.

This is what I have and where you can find this option.
Is this helping you?

I tried it here but don’t got it working. Do you have a hint how to use it?

Hello Peter, please send me your username on our user forums and I will get your account fixed.

The TexTiles procedural texture will be the solution for you Peter. However, this texture is not yet publicly available.

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Chaos Group

@Micha @skysurfer

At reading crubadue’s post the reason for not being able to find it is quite clear


Hello Corey,

Thank you very much for the reply, I’ll have to ask around what our username is I’ll send you a message when I have gotten it. Good to hear a confirmation to an existing option for my “problem”.

I’ve found the username and have contacted you on the Chaos forums.




Your college from support has arranged posting rights, now I just need to find the TexTiles : )

@skysurfer @crubadue
I have found the text-tiles material, yet I see it by default uses a texture to create multiple tiles. My model has physical tiles of set dimensions does anyone know how to approach this?

[Example] don’t mind the differenting gaps still working on it

how did you activate textiles? thank you


As Corey mentioned, it’s in the beta-versions, you can contact the help-desk of chaos group they will guide you trough it.

Though for my example of tile pattern, I have not yet gotten it to work.

thank you Peter!